Looking for Officers


A.           Responsibilities of Officers

The Nominating Committee should familiarize itself with the various duties and responsibilities of each office in order to convey this information to prospective candidates. Primary responsibilities include:


They shall preside at all lodge meetings, preserve order, apply and enforce all the laws of The Moose and appoint certain officers, chairpersons of standing committees and the Financial Review committee as required by the General Laws. They shall chair the Board of Officers, be a member of most other lodge committees and oversee the deposit of lodge funds. They, or the Treasurer, shall sign all checks drawn by the Administrator. They shall order members dropped or expelled from the rolls when deemed proper, oversee visitation of the sick and, when requested, make arrangements for memorial services.

The President may impose reasonable fines upon lodge members for offenses or misconduct committed in their presence in meetings, anytime on lodge property or during lodge sponsored activities off lodge property. Any member failing to pay the fine within thirty (30) days after written notice may be dropped from the rolls of the lodge.

They may declare any office vacant (except Jr. Past President) if the office holder has had three unexcused absences (See Section 35.10).

 Vice President:

During the absence of the President, they preside over meetings of the lodge. In case of vacancy in the office of President, they become the Acting President and perform all the duties and responsibilities of the office of President. They are a member of the Mooseheart-Moosehaven Admissions Com- mittee and perform all other duties required by the laws of The Moose.


In the absence of the President and Vice President, they preside over the deliberations of the lodge. They perform all other duties required of them by the laws of The Moose. They serve on the Financial Review Committee as a member, but not as its chairperson. It is their duty to visit the sick, disabled and distressed, whenever possible, and make a full report at each lodge meeting.


They shall receive and receipt (initial) all deposit slips of the lodge, and with the President and Administrator, be custodian of all securities and perform all other duties required of them by the laws of The Moose. They, or the President, shall sign all checks drawn by the Administrator. They shall relinquish all lodge property to their successor.

They perform the duties and responsi- bilities of Administrator if that office becomes vacant until the Board of Officers appoints an Acting Administrator, or the lodge elects an Administrator.


 They shall inventory all furniture and fixtures and other physical property of the lodge at least once each year, examine and approve all bills (except recurring overhead items) and make recommendations regarding their payment. They shall perform all other duties as required by the laws of The Moose. The Trustees shall compile an annual inventory of the physical property of the lodge and a monthly inventory of merch- andise for resale.

Junior Past President:

The office of Junior Past President is not an elective position, but is served by the retiring President, if that term was completed and began before November 1st. In the event the retiring President cannot serve or is unavailable, the next available Past President, who completed their term in order of juniority, shall serve. Past President is a condition and not an office. They may declare the office of President vacant if the President is absent from three (3) regular/general membership meetings of the lodge, Board of Officers’ meetings, lodge enrollment ceremonies or a combination thereof without being excused from the presiding officer(s).

B.            Qualification

Only lodge members whose dues are paid and in good standing may be considered for elective office. To be an elected officer of a lodge, the officer must be a member of that lodge. The offices of Treasurer and Trustee only require that the member be in good standing at the time of the Nominating Committee report.

A member is not eligible for the office of President, Vice President or Chaplain unless their membership in the lodge in which they seek office equals or exceeds six (6) months preceding the date of the election. (This does not apply to a newly instituted lodge.)

 A member must have served at least one

(1) term [twelve (12) full months] in another elective office [not a combination of one (1) year in elective offices] of the lodge in which they seek office before their name may be placed in nomination for the office of President.