Lodge will be Reopening April 21st

To our members,

For those of you who are dealing with the covid we wish you and your family a speedy recovery. Please reach out to us if you need help.

The Lodge will be reopening Wednesday, April 21st at 3pm.
We will be making some changes to our upcoming events at this time.
• Murphy’s Dinner night will be changed to May 22nd.
• Hoagie sale pickup date will be May 23rd. Order now at http://sellersvillemoose.com/…/moose-legion-hoagie…/
• Trivia scheduled for April 23rd will be moved to a new date to be determined
• Officer Installation on April 25th has been cancelled. Installation of Officers will happen on first membership meeting in May.
• Legion Spaghetti Dinner will be moved, date to be determined.
Thank you




Update 4/9/21

We have had several staff and members test positive for COVID over the past week.
Due to HIPAA Regulations we are not able to provide detailed information regarding our members or staff.
If you visited the Lodge from Friday through Monday then you may have been exposed.
Please follow the guidelines from CDC to avoid potential exposure to others.
If you feel sick please get tested.

The lodge will remain closed until further notice.



House Committee