Date: December 16, 2019                                              

Re: R.A.C. (Retired Activities Club) of Loyal Order of Moose Family Fraternity, Lodge #1539, Sellersville.


To: Current, former and prospective members of R.A.C.

                    Up-date from Revitalization Committee: 


The committee was disappointed at the minimal response to the survey sent out back on April 30. On the brighter side, attendance at our recent meetings, now on the 3rd, Wednesday of the month, has been gradually increasing. However, going forward into the new year, we still need more members so that we can provide activities and events necessary to continue to exist.       


At our November 20th, meeting, new officers for 2020 were elected as follows; Tom Hufnagle, President; John Patton Vice-President/Treasurer and Linda Heusler, Secretary. The club is open to all paid-up Moose members, men and women.   


Some of the yearly events/activities shared by the committee

(some old – some new) were two casino trips, stag lunch, Christmas party, summer picnic, card/game days, sports outings, breakfast get-together and so on.


Our first meeting of the new year is Wednesday, January 15. Come at 1:30 for fellowship and a beverage – the meeting starts at 2:00. Current dues are $35 and will be collected that day. New to R.A.C.? Come out and see and hear what we are all about.


Current members – please pass the word, forward this communication on to any relatives and friends that you might think would consider membership.

                 Thank you – the R.A.C. Revitalization Committee

R.A.C. SURVEY        (Please print legibly)                  April 30, 2019


Required: Your name: _________________________________


Home address __________________________________________________

Contact phone #: _________________ e-mail: _________________________


I am interested in maintaining my membership,

renewing or becoming a new member                                    Yes_____ No_____ 

Do you need further information regarding R.A.C.

prior to deciding as to membership?                                     Yes_____ No_____

I am in favor of a reduction of yearly dues to $35                Yes_____ No_____                                    

I am in favor of moving meeting dates to a Wednesday    Yes_____ No_____

I am interested in going on casino trip(s)                                Yes_____ No_____

I am interested in attending a Christmas party

(spouse or significant other welcome)                                     Yes_____ No_____

I am interested in attending a

summer picnic (spouse or significant other welcome)        Yes_____ No ____

I am willing to lend a helping hand in planning and/or

working at events and/or activities.                                         Yes_____ No_____

I am willing to serve as an officer of the R.A.C.                     Yes_____ No_____

Please list any comments, suggestions, ideas, events, activities, etc., that you would like the Committee to consider: 



Please mail this form within 2 weeks of receipt to Mr. Tom Hufnagle, 517 N. Main St., Sellersville, PA 18960  OR leave with Moose bartender. Thank you!    


                      THE SURVIVAL OF R.A.C. DEPENDS ON IT!