Are you a Moose Legion Member? Why not?

All lodge brothers are eligable to become a Moose Legion Member after 6 months of being a member.

The Moose Legion is known as being the “Degree of Service” because of the many programs it supports. It is also possibly even better known as the “Fun Degree.” Our members do like to enjoy themselves! Our mission is: “To have fun while providing greater service to the Moose fraternity.” Our motto is: “To do some good thing for someone each day.”

The cost of becoming a Moose Legion is $15 per year. This money goes to sending a child to Camp David, to Mooseheart for the children and Mooseheaven for the elderly. Our lodges Moose Legion meets the second Monday of each month. We look to host events and functions that help raise funds for improving our lodge.

Why not think about joining the Moose Legion and help support our cuase and our lodge.