Date: April 2021                                         

Re: R.A.C. (Retired Activities Club) of Loyal Order of Moose Family Fraternity, Lodge #1539, Sellersville.

We are back. Out meetings are on the 3rd Wednesday of

every month. 

Meeting time is 1:30 PM


Current members – please pass the word, forward this communication on to any relatives and friends that you might think would consider membership.

                 Thank you – the R.A.C. Revitalization Committee

R.A.C. SURVEY        (Please print legibly)                  April 30, 2019


Required: Your name: _________________________________


Home address __________________________________________________

Contact phone #: _________________ e-mail: _________________________


I am interested in maintaining my membership,

renewing or becoming a new member                                    Yes_____ No_____ 

Do you need further information regarding R.A.C.

prior to deciding as to membership?                                     Yes_____ No_____

I am in favor of a reduction of yearly dues to $35                Yes_____ No_____                                    

I am in favor of moving meeting dates to a Wednesday    Yes_____ No_____

I am interested in going on casino trip(s)                                Yes_____ No_____

I am interested in attending a Christmas party

(spouse or significant other welcome)                                     Yes_____ No_____

I am interested in attending a

summer picnic (spouse or significant other welcome)        Yes_____ No ____

I am willing to lend a helping hand in planning and/or

working at events and/or activities.                                         Yes_____ No_____

I am willing to serve as an officer of the R.A.C.                     Yes_____ No_____

Please list any comments, suggestions, ideas, events, activities, etc., that you would like the Committee to consider: 



Please mail this form within 2 weeks of receipt to Mr. Tom Hufnagle, 517 N. Main St., Sellersville, PA 18960  OR leave with Moose bartender. Thank you!    


                      THE SURVIVAL OF R.A.C. DEPENDS ON IT!