July 14, 2024


History of Sellersville Lodge 1539

Sellersville Lodge No. 1539, L.O.O.M., was instituted June 18, 1914, with a charter
membership of 50 loyal Moose, banded together under the leadership of the late
B. Harvey Smith, serving as the first appointed dictator to carry on the work
of the our great leader, Honorable James J. Davis, Director General and Founder
of the Loyal  Order of Moose. Honorable
James J. Davis’ foresight for the future generations and the observance of the
American flag, the welfare of the child whose future depended solely upon the
environments and conditions in which our children are educated. Brother Davis
conceived the idea for an ideal home for the children whose parents were called
to the great beyond. Under this direction, the Board of Governors were called
together into a conference, whereupon 1,023 acres were recommended to be
purchased between Batavia, Illinois and Aurora, Illinois, in the beautiful Fox
River Valley where today, Mooseheart, the city of childhood, over 196 children
from all parts of the United States and Canada are being housed, schooled and
trained to the respective trades and business courses given to them through the
help of each individual member who is in good standing with the Loyal Order of
Moose. Realizing that this work has just begun and wishing to share our burden
with others with this worthy cause for the child who we may look forward to in
future generations with pride as patriotic men and women of this universe.
Mindful that in our growing fraternity, hardships befall many and as age creeps
upon us together with poverty, with nothing more but to live in distress,
discontent waiting for the grim reaper to call us to the great beyond. Again
seeing the visions for the aged, Mooseheart Governors again assembled for a
conference, and in January 1921, one hundred and seventy five acres were
purchased at Orange Park, Florida 10 miles from Jacksonville on the beautiful
St. John’s River, were today we have over 227 who will live their happy
declining days together in peace and contentment through the board efforts and
leaders of our great Fraternity. In comprising this great Fraternity,
Sellersville Lodge No. 1539, as a unit has developed a keen vision to do its
part of the future burdens that may be required to carry on the work.

            Sellersville Lodge 1539, L.O.O.M.,
was organized by William Fryling of Doylestown and was instituted in the former
Dutch Club located on Main Street, off Fairview Avenue. The first officers

Dictator                       Harry B. Smith

Past Dictator                William Hill

Prelate                         Robert Taylor

Secretary                     William H. Becker

Treasurer                      Joseph Hunsberger

Sergeant at Arms         Lester Gardner

Outer Guard                Joseph Loeffler, Jr.

Inside Guard                Gervasf Martin

Trustees                    Jacob R. Esser

                                                                        Joseph S. Kline

                                                                        William Taylor