July 14, 2024


The Fellowship Degree of Honor is an honorary Degree of the Loyal Order of Moose. It was first created on August 7, 1918. The Degree is conferred only upon Moose Legionnaires who are recommended by the Fellows of their Lodge or Regional Manager and approved by the Pilgrim Council.
The selection process begins during the month of November, which has been designated by the fraternity as Fellowship Degree Honor Month. This is a time when special activities are to be scheduled within Lodges to pay tribute to these dedicated fraternalists. It is also the time when the Fellows of the Lodge gather to review the service record of members of the Moose Legion within their Lodge and select a Moose Legionnaire(s) to be recommended for consideration of elevation to the Fellowship Degree of Honor.
The recommendation is highly confidential and is never revealed until such time as the recommended Moose Legionnaire is selected and called by the Pilgrim Council and subsequently conferred with the Degree of Honor. The opportunity to serve on the Lodge Fellowship Committee is one of the privileges of being a Fellow. This select group may meet as often as they like to socialize, raise funds for special projects or conduct other business beneficial to the Degree or to the Lodge.
The official regalia of a Fellow is a French-blue blazer featuring the Fellowship logo,
coordinated necktie, white shirt and black trousers. The regalia is to be worn in its entirety or not at all. (i.e. The blazer is not to be worn with a different tie nor the tie with a different jacket or suit coat.)
The regalia may be worn at any function of the Order and is symbolic of the character and strength that these men provide to the Moose fraternal structure. A Fellow is also entitled to wear the Fellowship medallion, available through Moose International Catalog Sales and may be worn at any function of the Order.

Ed McKeever (D)
John Hager (D)
Wilbur J. Roth (D)
Leroy Moyer (D)
Edward E. Trautwein (D)
Paul Regan (D)
Lawrence Breneisen (D)
John Clymer (D)
Loris Stiles
Bruce Berger
Robert L. Miller
Ralph Field (D)
Willard Loux
Frank Nyce (D)
James L. Hager (D)
Thomas L. Beyer (D)
Frank L. Gombert (D)
Fred W. Koehler
Ronald D. Williams (D)
Daniel C. Pearson, Jr. (D)
Harold C. Dietrich (D)
Harold C. Landis (D)
Thomas G. Loughridge
Douglas Lachman (D)
Gerald Erb
Gary Burke
John Geiger, Jr.
Eles Barnes, Jr. (D)
William Kozma (D)
Deane Hamm
George King(D)
Raymond Polichetti
William Henry
Phillip Febus
Russell Handy, Sr. (D)
Charles Staley (D)
George Keefer (D)
Steve Wampole
Alan Erney
Tony Bickert
Harry Ricker
Joseph Rudner
James Strelecki
Mike Sagel